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akatsuki360's Journal

7 January
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my fav je band is arashi. theyre kinda the only je band i listen to. i have an obsession with ohmiya. they are like the cutest couple ever!! (we all know your married, ohmiya!!) just now i was watching himistu no arashi-chan and when ohno got water thrown at his face nino went up and wiped it off (GAH!!) SO KAWAII <33 but most of all im in LOVE with kazu! hes so.......indescribable.....*sigh* but yea i enjoy reading ohmiya fanfiction (esp. the NC-17 *smirk*) and i like ohno to top cuz kazu is cute and is a seme however you look at it :] im gonna name my next kitten after him <33 (yea im pretty much a stalker and over obsessed freak) lol i also like the sakumiya pairing. sho and nino seem like REALLY close and ive even seen nino groping shos ass before.....(i thought he only groped oh chans?) tehe and i keep on hearing that nino wrote somewhere that sho chan was his best friend but i cant really know until i read it myself ne? the pairing juntoshi.....i dont really like it....it kinda feels like oh chan is cheating on nino or something (yea i have an imagination with no limits) and i LOVE food......if i had to choose sweet or spicy...i would pick spicy cuz too much sweet stuff would hurt my tummy :[ and i can eat spicy stuff wenever....(oh yeah! im indian by the way....) and im not proud of it at all.....i dont like indian ppl myself....